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MarMare Massage Salon is a family business that was opened in July 2020. We are located in the center of Pärnu at Rüütli 27 on the second floor. In addition to various types of massage, our list of services also includes osteopathy. In our work, we focus on each client individually to specify suitable techniques and types of services.



Classical massage is the most traditional and common type of massage, where the masseur uses his hands to affect the human body. The effect of massage on the body is multifaceted, especially by improving blood and lymphatic circulation. It helps to speed up the metabolism of the whole body, activates the functioning of the heart and other organs. Massage also helps to relieve muscle tension by increasing muscle elasticity and improving the supply of oxygen to the muscles. As a result of the massage, muscle fatigue passes faster than simply resting. The massage has a relaxing effect on both mental and physical overexertion.


Cupping or vacuum massage is based on the activation of the lymphatic and blood circulation and the induction of skin hyperaemia (flushing of the skin), through which the skin receptors and related organ systems are affected. The cupping massage is combined with a classical massage. Cupping massage supports the treatment of colds, it relieves joint ailments and has a preventive effect on the development of cellulite and it reduces existing cellulite. NB! Vacuum created by the cups can cause hematomas (bruising). Not suitable for vasotomic problems!


Cellulite massage uses special massage techniques that activate the lymphatic and blood circulation. Depending on the indications, the massage uses special oils, creams, gels and other aids that enhance the metabolism of the cellulite-affected body area and restore skin elasticity. If you have cellulite, it is necessary to have a regular massage and a longer massage course to achieve the result. Also suitable for prophylactic purposes to prevent the formation of fat deposits.


Chakra stone massage is an ancient art that combines the effects of a balancing and cleansing massage with the properties of lava stone, accumulating energy and heat within it. This is a massage with heat-radiating stones. Massage stretches and relaxes muscles. It removes tensions from the body and replaces them with feel good hormones and new energy. During the procedure, preheated lava stones are placed on the chakra points on the body and they sit there for a while. Massage begins with treating body with oil and is then combined with gentle movements and light pressure on the areas to be treated.


Lymphatic massage or a manual lymphatic drainage is a massage that influences skin and hypodermic tissue surface. It stimulates lymph circulation and removes toxins from the body. It also relaxes and relieves muscle tension, has good effect on edema, circulatory disorders and metabolic diseases.


Sports massage is part of an athlete's training system to improve theyr physical health. A set of special techniques is used that either relaxes and stretches the muscle or instead helps to prepare them for exercise. However, the specifics of the athlete and sport must be taken into account. By its very nature sports massage is actually based on three simple questions: “When, what and why “or timing-techniques-goal. Sports massage is performed throughout the training period, with the aim of helping to enhance the workouts quality and thereby improve athletic performance. The massage can be done either before or after exercise. Depending on the sport, the are of the focus varies.


Based on client's needs we combine different massage techniques and styles.


Kinesio tape is with healing properties, which is glued to the body to reduce pain and swelling and to improve results. It is easy and comfortable to wear. It does not restrict movement and it alleviates many of the most common injuries such as lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprained ankles and elbow joint. Properly installed kinesio tape provides relief and support. Kinesio taping uses a special elastic tape that is designed to expand the space between the skin and the muscle, creating a skin-lifting effect. This will improve subcutaneous lymph circulation and blood circulation. It also decreases the pressure on the skin's pain receptors.


The goal of osteopathic treatment is to restore normal body mobility, coordination and posture. The human body is designed to heal itself but with the help of osteopathy the mechanisms of self-healing of the body start working more efficiently. The key to osteopathy is to find anatomical deviations in the body to free nerve energy and body fluids. If there are limitations in one part of the body, the other parts of the body will begin to compensate for the problem. This can lead to inflammation, pain and other problems. With osteopathy in MarMare Massage Salon you can treat following problems: neck and headache, jaw pain, shoulder pain, hand pain, facial and trig eminal nerve damage, hearing and vision problems, tinnitus and imbalances, taste and smell disturbances, nasopharyngeal infections, back and rib pain, sciatica, hip, thigh and knee pain, muscle pain, visceral disorders, gastrointestinal problems, problems with pelvic diaphragm weakness, visceral deficits, stress and anxiety, sleep disorders, hyperactivity, Contraindications are following: acute inflammation, malignancies, severe osteoporosis, significant degeneration, deformation, hypermobility, long-term administration of antidepressants, alcoholism.


Thai massage is considered to be a partner to therapeutic yoga, using techniques that balance life energy, relieve muscle pain and stretch the main muscles. By applying gentle pressure to the energy channels and yoga-like stretching, you whole body will relax at a much deeper level. Deep relaxation also ensures a better and more restorative sleep, which allows your body to physically heal and feel fresher the next day. Thai massage improves the level of stress in and overall blood circulation. Thai massage is done on a mat and through clothes.


Aromatic massage is an art of healing with very long traditions. Essential aromatic oils obtained from plants are used to heal the body and mind. The effect is achieved through the action of aroma and oil on all body systems and the absorbtion into the tissues and blood system. Skillful selection of aromatic oils with slow and stroking movements alleviate many problems, such as emotional instability, sleep disturbances, blood pressure fluctuations, stress, tense muscles. The massage is performed with plenty of oil.



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